Monday, March 27, 2017


a new local inspiration site for the Singaporean ladies.

I was being introduced to the new local site, where they focus on female lifestyle and inspiration. I would say, it is like a site with all the sharing of inspirational stories, lifestyle such as fashion, cosmetics and beauty and also on female perspective on certain real-life issues.

I like the detailed navigation bar.
Simple, classy and straightforward.

The articles, reviews and sharing are written by a team of beautiful young ladies ^^
You've story to share? You can contact them for more details too!

The section i like the most is Female Perspective on Relationship.
Articles such as Couples Fight, 10 Signs Your Boyfriend is under Passive Aggressive to get his way and 10 Ways Social Media is Destroying Millennial Relationships. I believe there are some husbands also fit in, in some of the above-mentioned articles. Haha! I agreed to the articles! Guys should also read on some of the articles to understand ladies better. In many ways, we do not know how we behave. From reading the articles, was doing self-reflection at the same time too. A few points actually hit on me. Didn't know what i did or how i react was actually terrible or harmful to the relationship. Many times we can't accept what our partner have to say about us and our behaviours. But self can accept better from reading and doing self-reflection and to make self-improvement.

Next, i went oh-my-gosh when i saw this!
(Click on the image to direct to the article for more details!)

Under Style - Beauty, they have articles on the latest cosmetic products and beauty hacks!
I like their work ethics and honesty.

Not forgetting, Style - Fashion.
They've the latest fashion news and updates! 

Being a mom, rarely have a lot of time for self. Whats more about reading and knowing the latest fashion trend, latest make-up products and sales. Being a stay-home mom, there are times where will feel low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. There are also many times being a stay-home mom, i wish i can have income or to have something called as my own such as being an entrepreneur. But with the house chores and children, many times will just drop the idea of being an entrepreneur. 

In this realistic world, often many would judge stay-home moms by saying "you already drift apart from the outside world", "you've been living in your cave for so long", "you don't know how tough it is to do a start-up", "you spent so long looking after your children, what do you know about the market", "SG female bosses can't make it" etc.

But this site, have the articles written in short and sweet that i don't have to spend much time reading pages on reviews or articles. The Inspiration category with all the inspirational sharing picked me up.

"The road to success is always under construction. If you’re resourceful and hardworking with the drive to succeed, there’s no dream that’s too big or impossible to achieve".
Quoted from Ms Gillian Tan - Clicknetwork sharing.

Who say female can't be bosses? Who say female can't be a good boss?

It gets me going. Make a cup of coffee, dig out my notebook with all my plans in it, on a comfortable sofa, enjoying the natural cold and windy weather, cracking my head to achieving my goal. Yes, i shouldn't let other words affecting me in achieving my goal! 
Whenever if negativity hits me, i can read back on the inspirational articles on to get me moving again!

It is definitely a useful site for me especially when i don't have much time for myself. Probably only a few hours a day for me to get on the site, check out the latest news, read articles and in achieving my goal. 

I am a step closer to my goal, 
to be successful, 
as a female entrepreneur.

Thank you for making the inspiration site convenient yet so informative!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Get rewarded with cashback for shopping with ShopBack!

Hi peeps! Have you heard of ShopBack?

Previously was told to try out an app, ShopBack where i get to shop and get cashback. I was doubtful about it. Where on earth there's such a good deal to shop yet earn cashback too? Isn't it a wonderful thing for shopaholics? To be able to shop yet at the same time enjoy cashback and you get to shop more?!

Before i download the app, i went to their website, Shopback to have a look. It was jaw-dropping! You get to see many Singapore deals and sales! You know... i am a shopaholic. I shop for my personal stuffs, for the children, for the husband and at times for friends... You name it, they've it!

When i saw that Honestbee is in it, overjoy! Now i get to shop for groceries and earn cashback! Moving to dining, i saw one of my favourite caterers, Stamford CateringAnother thing that got me excited about is that i also now get to enjoy much better saving with cashback plus much better saving with cashback together with Guardian promotions! Haha!

Looking to travel, they've deals for it too!
Check out for deals with 6.0% cashback!
Cheap flight? No worries! Look for Jetstar promotions before booking your flight!
There is even a page if you're looking for the best deals to save on online hotel & flight bookings! 

They have categories from dining to electronics, groceries, health & beauty, fashion, travel, home & living and sports & outdoors! Mommies who frequently purchase products from iherb, you should purchase it through Shopback to earn 3% cashback!

Now, how Shopback works?
Watch the video below or click here to read more about it!

In short, the merchants reward them with commission for referring shoppers to shop on their site. Shopback could have just keep the commission for themselves, but no! They share it with us, shoppers! Awwww!

So, i went ahead to download their app and try it. It is available for both android and apple.

Was happy to see Photobook being part of it! Just nice i was looking to make photo album for our Hong Kong Disneyland trip. Cashback: up to 13%!!! Immediately i clicked "shop now". Haha!

Add to cart, add to cart! 

Checkout time!

Ta-dah! That simple right!
After making purchase, the cashback will be updated to your Shopback account within 48 hours, under the "pending" tab.

The steps are simple isnt it?
Choose, add to cart, checkout, payment & wait for cashback!

Shopback makes it so easy to even share this awesome app!
Go to "invite a friend" tab.
To successfully refer a friend, your friend have to spend at least $25 in their total bill in order for you to earn $5 bonus.

So hurry! Download the app and start shopping & earning at the same time!
Dont say i never share. To enjoy more deals, click here to Sign Up Now!

Sign up via clicking here to get $10.00 bonus!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

5th Wedding Anniversary
at Montigo Resorts, Nongsa Batam
Day 2

Both of us didn't sleep well. Despite adjusting the aircon temperature to the lowest and with fan switched on, the weather was so hot! Not only it was hot, mosquito secretly biting us! I mean... who will put insect repellent to sleep right? Hmm.

Woke up early for breakfast. Called for the buggy service. At first they told us was 15 minutes then to 45 minutes! Hence we decided to walk. 10 minutes of walking with empty stomach under the hot sun.

Breakfast buffet spread was quite huge. Due to the crowd and humid hot weather, i didn't ate much. Back to the villa and went for a swim. 

At 1.30pm, we called for the buggy service to bring us to Montigo Spa as it was far from our villa. We waited...and waited... our appointment was at 2pm. Contacted them again then was told that the staff from the Spa will pick us up instead.

Note: To avoid disappointment, do pre-book your package at Montigo Spa via emailing them in advance before arrival date to Montigo Resorts as they're always fully booked.

We took the Montigo Signature Spa package for him and her.
We didn't wanted facial so we requested to have longer hour of body scrub and body massage.
What i like was their flexibility. The body firming wrap was awesomely hot and shiok! Haha! If you're going for the spa, try their body firming wrap! The whole duration was 3 hours!

After the massage, we get to have some chocolate biscuits and lemongrass tea. Rushed back to villa for a change and walked down to the Sandpark for our candlelight dinner!

Ok... we aren't well-prepared. No insect patches or spray. The husband was saying with the ginger and lemongrass oil on us after the massage, the mosquito wont come near us. But noooooo! I wasn't informed and wasn't aware that candlelight dinner at the beach area would have those flies and even get bitten by mosquito!

Pretty table decoration.

Pretty sunset again.

Friday, March 10, 2017

5th Wedding Anniversary


Montigo Resorts, Nongsa Batam

Last December we decided to book a chillax trip to Montigo Resorts, Nongsa via Agoda which is located at Batam. They've another resort located at Bali. Was very excited about it since the day an agent shared with me about this resort. Thumbs-up for my talking skills that i managed to convince the husband to bring me go ^^

If you want honeymoon, for the price of 2, considered expensive. If you're looking to go as a family trip or with friends, more worthy. As in each villa, there are 2 rooms. 1 master bedroom and another common room. There were only both of us so we didnt use the common room.

Booked our ferry tickets via Batam Fast. Off to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on the 10 March 2017. It was my first time to the ferry terminal. Nothing much. Food selling there are pricey and tasted horrible.

It took about 40 minutes from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. One of the bonus services from Montigo Resorts was that they've a concierge set up at the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. 

Note: Do email Montigo Resorts to update them your ferry departure date, time and arrival timing so they can pick you up and drive you to the resort.

From the Nongsapura Ferry Terminal to the Montigo Resorts was only a 5 minute drive!

Check-in timing was 3pm. As it was a Friday (which is a weekend), early check-in was impossible. We went downstairs for our lunch. The weather was incredibly hot! It was way hotter than Singapore T.T

The prices there are cheaper than Singapore but if compare to anywhere else in Batam, considered expensive. The food tasted only average.

One awesome thing about Montigo Resorts was their wi-fi! Wi-fi EVERYWHERE except washrooms. Haha!

Finally, it was our turn! Hopped on to the buggy and off we go! Depends which villa you're staying. If you're staying far away from the restaurants, you have to contact the reception for buggy service to pick you up to your destination. If you're staying pretty near to the spa or restaurants, i would advise you to burn some calories by walking to your destination as the buggy service can takes pretty long to come especially meals time. Waiting time can go up to at least 45 minutes. Why waste close to an hour of waiting yea?

We stayed at Villa 10. Upon arriving, received a basket of fresh fruits and a handwritten welcome card :)

My horrible panda eyes are shown! Didnt put any make-up but only eyelash extensions.
Was having insomnia for the past few days already!

Their sunset timing is from 6pm to 6.15pm so dont miss it!
Gorgeous bright Mr. Sun!

How often do we get the chance to admire such beautiful sunset in Singapore?

At night, we had dinner buffet at Tad's Restaurant. Food spread on the average side. We enjoyed the live Indo traditional live band :) Remember to order beer! Cheap!

I didn't take many pictures. Hence watch the video below for more.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Hong Kong Disneyland Day 3!

Up early for buffet breakfast again at Chef Mickey! The boys had been waiting to take pictures with Mickey Mouse, so here are the shots!

The weather was even colder than passed 2 days! We went up to wear more tops before taking the shuttle bus to Disneyland. Haha! When i say is cold, is really cold! Haha!

Before we start our day at Disneyland again, we rented a stroller with rain cover. We got Belen in it so at least we can shop without having to chase after him or prevent his hands from taking stuffs. Haha!

It was shopping time! We tried to finish at least 3/4 of the place yesterday so we get to have more time to shop for souvenirs ^^ We started shopping at around 11am and done at 1.30pm. Haha! Other than busy getting souvenirs for others and ourselves, we went around hunting for the boys' room decor too. Even our helper had a great time spending money there. As expected, we spent close to SGD1k for everything. My helper even mentioned it was a well-spent SGD500 for her. Haha! The shopping was even more great because Belen fell asleep throughout!

The boys was complaining hungry so off to a fast food restaurant, Comet Cafe which is near to the Ironman attraction.

As usual, we used the meal coupons!
Our helper tried the Grilled Chicken with rice. The tomato sauce spoilt the food. Mehhh!

The beef burger with cheese tasted not too bad.

The husband ordered steak.

The kids' fish&chips.

After the meal, we went to try the Iron Man Experience ride with Beorn as Belen was too small. Still prefer the USS Transformer ride. Haha! Then to the Orbitron ride and the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! Watch the video at the end of the post.

Orbitron ride while Beorn was napping.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hong Kong Disneyland Day 2

Forgotten to share photos on how our room looks like in my previous post, so here it is.
We got free upgrade of room to Deluxe. A room with 2 queen size beds.

Free minnie mouse for us!

On each bed, they placed the "banner" on it. If you want, you can even bring it home. Haha!

The toiletries cups.
Don't under-estimate this cup. Haha!
Inside this big cup consists of 3 more smaller cups with combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.

Headed down to Chef Mickey restaurant for our buffet breakfast. It was included in the package that i took. Not much choices but good enough. Be it just a tiny piece of cucumber or carrot, or even waffle, they have it in Mickey Mouse shape! No photos taken as busy with the boys.

Had our quick breakfast and took the free shuttle bus to Disneyland at 11am. Long queue as Disneyland opens at 10.30am daily.

Note: You're not allowed to bring your own food or soft drinks into the Disneyland.
There are security bag check counters. Any food and drinks found, will be taken away.

If you're staying at any Disney hotels, look out for the signboard and queue correctly.
There's a lane specially for hotel guests so you don't have to join the long queue to go in Disneyland.
You will have to show your room card.

If you did not download the Disneyland App, then remember to get the map and show guide brochure.
To us, the app is awesome. They've a map and with a list of show times and attractions activities.

The moment we entered, was caught up by Donald Duck. We waited for nearly 20 minutes!
For after seeing how joyful my boys are, worth it ^^

We rent a stroller with a rain cover. Affordable rate. If i didn't remember wrongly, one full day rental is SGD30+ and add-on rain cover is SGD5. You will need to put a deposit of HKD200. Upon returning of the stroller WITH THE RECEIPT, they will then return you the deposit. If you lost the receipt, they won't refund you the deposit.

Most of the times we used the stroller to put our bags. Haha! Or at times either one of them is feeling tired, they can at least rest in the stroller. Luckily we rent the rain cover too as i realised Hong Kong very frequent have drizzling rain. Can be as short as a few minutes but still, better not to let the kids get wet. Due to the cold and cooling weather, anyone can easily catch a cold.

As we walked along, the husband found out that the Festival of Lion King stage show was about to start, so hurry to parked our stroller outside and went in. Fyi, the husband is a big fan of Lion King -.- Suddenly he turned into a little child too. Haha!

The stage performances was good! The sound system, the lightings, the dancers and singers, the props etc. My boys enjoyed it as much as their father. Haha! As for me, i am busy recording the whole performance for their father. There are some parts where it can be quite scary for children. So parents, always standby to cover their eyes or ears. Haha!

The mini volcano and the super clear water!

The boys' all time favourite, Toy Story.
It became their favourite with the influence of my brother who used to be a big fan of Toy Story and my mother who dote on my brother so much that she spent a bomb in buying the toys back to SG -.-

The boys was so fascinated with everything that they don't even wanna settle down to have a proper meal. So we bought hotdogs for them from Jessie's Cafe.

Time for some rides!
Because Dinseyland is more for children so dont have high expectation for the rides. You can wait for 5-15 minutes to take a ride and the ride only go on for a minute or two and stop. Haha!

While waiting for Woody, we caught the Toy Soldier Boot Camp.

Hung around the area and queued up to meet Woody!

If only the boys hug us as tight as they hugged Woody. Haha!

Finally! Time for a proper meal! Lunch at 4pm. Haha! We used the meal combo coupons given that are included in the package. The coupons helped us to save ALOT! Each meal comes with a side and fruit juice. Definitely filling! 

Note: If you're taking the package, no worries about bringing not enough water because for every meal coupon, it comes with beverage coupon too! Meaning you can use the beverage coupon and redeem any soft drinks or mineral water at any push carts in the Disneyland.

We dined in at Banquet Hall at Fantasyland.
The food are really good and portions are huge!
I am missing the beef burger!
Each meal cost about SGD25. We bought 3 meals only due to the portion. See how much we saved! Haha!

Caught the Mickey and the Wondrous Book. Many thumbs-up for this! Amazed by everything! More awesome than the Lion King show! Best part, it comes with english and chinese subtitles! My happy Belen just kept clapping hands. Haha!

After the Dumbo ride, teacup time!


Around 6.30pm, we were hanging around area at, It's a Small World as the Disney Paint the Night is just right beside it. 

Went in for a gentle boat ride. So many dolls! Haha! Enjoyed myself and can't stop "woah-ing". The boat ride was about 10 minutes? Yeap as usual, i am busy recording. Haha! I won't be uploading those videos that i've took during the show or rides as i do not want to be such a spoiler. =p

After the boat ride, we slacked around and waiting for the Disney Paint the Night to start. It was frigging cold! Sat on a bench, under a shelter, admiring the drizzling rain and praying hard for the rain to stop so they won't cancel the Nighttime Spectacular. While Beorn was having fun with my helper, little Belen was soundly asleep in the stroller. Quite romantic for the husband and myself. Haha!

Heard the announcement made that the Disney Paint the Night - Nighttime Spectacular is about to begin! Yay! Hurry and "chop" a good spot to take video and photos. The performance starts at 7pm. Be around the area or there by 6.50pm. 

Right beside the Mickey and the Wonderous Book is where the performance starts. It will move on and go around and stops at the center of the Disneyland, which is infront of the castle. To get the best view and best shot, hang around the area nearing the Mickey and the Wonderous Book.

Note: To take pretty photos for the Disney Paint the Night, DO NOT USE FLASH!
Using flash to snap, turn out you only see the equipment and not the colourful lightings.

Mickey Mouse was the last character appearance. After that, we went straight down to where the castle is to catch the Disney in the Stars Fireworks! Yay to being the first and we managed to "chop" the front row! Haha!

We waited for half an hour to 8pm for the fireworks. Trust me, is worth the wait! Luckily my boys are well-behaved and didn't fuss. I didn't take any photos of the fireworks, only video. 

Throughout the whole 12 minutes, i was touched and got a little emotional. Haha! Not only my childhood dream came true, my boys' too! I felt so blessed and touched that i managed to enjoy that spectacular moment with my family. That blissful moment, till today, i can still feel it too.

After the fireworks, all of us are hungry. Thank God, the restaurant, Corner Cafe accepted us to dine in when they're actually closed for last order. Thankful. A quick order, a rather quick dinner and back to hotel.

The kids' meals.

My beef burger, mehhh. The husband ordered steak with rice also meh. So was my helper's spaghetti. Haha!

Total expenses:
Snacks at Jessie's Cafe - SGD34
Dinner at Corner Cafe - SGD160

Things to note:
1. Every purple words with bold and underline comes with a hyperlink to it.
2. Download the Hong Kong Disneyland App for the map, show times & meet-and-greet.
3. Bring an umbrella or wear an outerwear with hoodie.
4. For every stage show, queue starts half an hour before the showtime.
5. For the Nighttime Spectacular, "chop" your place by 6.50pm!
6. To get the best view & best shot for Nighttime Spectacular, hang around Mickey's Philhar Magic.
7. If you're renting a stroller, remember to keep the receipt in order to get back your deposit.

If you've missed the Day 1,
Blog Entry

Stay tune for Day 3!